The intriguing-looking Exo One finally arrives next week

Exo One – which we’ve had our eye on now for almost five years – will finally launch next week for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on 18th November.

A vast and beautiful sci-fi exploration game, Exo One is the work of developer Jay Weston. You control a mysterious gleaming spacecraft that can be rolled around planets like a sci-fi Wii Sports Golf ball, or soar through the air like a flying saucer.

We first spotted Exo One back at Rezzed in 2017, where we named it one of our favourites from the show.

A few years later, Exo One was given a 2020 release date after popping up at the alternative E3 indie showcase run by Guerrilla Collective – although then that came and went.

And then in April, Edwin tried out Exo One’s Steam demo featuring the game’s first planet. That is still available now if you fancy a go.

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