The Switch is getting its first controller that supports in-game chat

Nintendo’s Switch is famously backwards when it comes to online support. The online service is propped up by a bare-bones mobile app, providing a cumbersome solution to the concept of in-game chat which is supported natively on other consoles.

There’s been hope offered by Vivox, who supplies Fortnite’s in-game audio option – one of the few Switch games which doesn’t require the mobile app to chat to your friends while playing – with the Vivox opening up its SDK to all developers earlier this year. And now we’ve got the first controller to make the most of the feature looming on the horizon, with PDP’s Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller laying claim to being the first controller to offer integrated in-game chat support.


It features a 3.5mm jack, audio controls and a few more tricks besides – there are interchangeable faceplates, and two programmable buttons surplus to the Switch’s stock set for you to do what you wish with. We don’t have price details just yet, but pre-orders are beginning in May – so hopefully that information will be forthcoming around then.

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