Why is Sony worried about Call of Duty on PlayStation 6?

This week on the Eurogamer Newscast, we’re discussing the PlayStation 6 – specifically, Sony’s concerns about Call of Duty not being available on the upcoming platform, which we now know will debut sometime from 2027 onwards.

It’s been another week dominated by news of Microsoft’s $68bn Activision Blizzard takeover attempt, which is currently being scrutinised by the UK’s anti-competition regulator. Partially-redacted documentation from this process has now been made public, revealing some eyebrow-raising arguments from Sony – which is trying to block the deal.

Both Sony and Microsoft have gone on the defensive to make themselves look the smaller fish – with Microsoft admitting Sony’s exclusives are better and Sony saying any loss of Call of Duty would leave itself “extremely vulnerable”, particularly if the series was made available through the popular Xbox Game Pass. So, should Sony be worried – or is this all just performative theatrics? Joining me this week to share their thoughts are Eurogamer’s Ed Nightingale, Victoria Kennedy and Ishraq Subhan.

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