Her Story dev’s Hollywood mystery Immortality now on iOS and Android

Immortality, the acclaimed investigative Hollywood mystery from Her Story developer Sam Barlow, is now available on iOS and Android via Netflix.

Immortality tells the story of Marissa Marcel, a (fictional) actress who filmed three movies over the course of her career – Ambrosio in 1968, Minsky in 1970, and Two of Everything in 1999 – none of which were ever released.

It’s up to players to find out what happened to Marcel, which, as in Barlow’s previous games, involves slowly piecing together events by scouring through reams of FMV video. But while Her Story featured faux police interview footage and Telling Lies chose “hacked” webcam video as its medium of choice, Immortality asks players to dig through an archive of film and behind-the-scenes footage, using a machine resembling an old-fashioned Moviola editing device.

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